Game Over

Yesterday was very strange.

Last Friday I finished up my metaphysics and promptly went on a short vacation to see some friends. I got home Tuesday night.

Then came yesterday. It was the first whole day in which I had to really spend time worrying about what to do now that I have written everything I ever wanted to.

The proper term for what happened was I flipped out.

One thought on “Game Over

  1. I guess I should be happy that this is all that is going wrong. Last time I had a major metaphysical change (late ’03) I lost some bodily control for just under a week. Seriously. Granted, that change was somewhat involuntary (I woke up and I believed different things than the day before) and quite a bit more significant.

    Lesson is that rewiring yourself yields unexpected consequences. I’m not out of the dark yet…………..

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