Welcome to the blog at noahgreenstein.com. This is the blog of the Noah Greenstein who grew up in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

I am a sometime metaphysician and philosopher of science. Please see the Research page to see some of my academic work. If I had to claim a philosophical school or style, I’d say I am in the line coming down from the classical cynics, but, not quite, so I think of it as post or neo-cynic philosophy.

All things written on this blog are by me, unless it says otherwise. Any philosophy I attribute to others should only be understood as my bastardization of their ideas. For that matter, anything I say should just be regarded as confused, misleading and not safe for general consumption.

I’ve started the NYC Area Philosophy Calendar to consolidate and remind people of philosophy goings-on in the NYC Metro area. If you are around New York City and don’t feel like scouring departmental webpages for their event listings, check it out.

A note on the stylish duckrabbit featured above and in the favicon for this website: I found this duckrabbit image somewhere on the internet, most likely in 2003. It was for an undergraduate assignment I’ve long discarded, but I kept the image. When I started this site in 2007, I used it as the favicon and it has made various other appearances in posts- the main file upload was in February of 2008. However, somewhere between 2003 and 2007, the original image disappeared from the internet. As far as I can tell, this blog has been the main source of the image since, i.e. if you do a duckrabbit image search on Google, it links back to this blog [current searches also link to a different site… who attributes me]. If anyone has any other information about it, I’d love to hear.

Mostly philosophy irritates the hell out of me because of all the problems.  So I do what I can when I can and if I am successful at it, that is good, but incidental.

Last and certainly not least, if you like what you find here, drop me a line below, buy me a beer if you are in NYC, check out some of my designs, or just send me coin.