Patriots trade Moss to Raiders for 4th-round pick

The deal, which sent the Patriots the 110th selection overall in the weekend draft, was completed when Moss passed the Raiders-administered physical examination after arriving in the Oakland area on Sunday morning. With the draft choice acquired in the deal, New England chose University of Cincinnati cornerback John Bowie. [link: ESPN] Oh, wait, no, that’s the other way around.  Just in case anyone needed reminding of ridiculous things.

The Terminator Television Show

There is a television show coming out in the new year called “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. At first I was massively excited. My father said that he thought it is taking place in between the first and second movies when Sarah was learning to be a hardcore bad-ass. I thought this was a brilliant idea: someone traveling through Mexico and the U.S. with a baby engaged in what amount to ostensibly terrorist activities. All […]

Evolution and Political Theory

Today my dad showed me a review of a book in the New York Times. The book is something about natural selection and how it supports/underpins capitalism and those who were capitalist first. This reminded me about an old objection to evolution: at the time Darwin wrote the “On the Origin of Species” the idea of capitalism was en vogue and therefore ‘struggle for survival’ was taken to be just a metaphor for capitalist society. […]

Positive and Negative Biological Time

In my biorelativity series I used mutations per generation as a measurement of distance. However, with my recent historical/generative musings, specifically the post on the logical foundations of biorelativity (the logic of which is at the foundation of how I arrived at biorelativity), I fear I may have ignored the distinction between a mutation and an adaptation. Consider an organism with some feature. The feature can be considered both a mutation or an adaptation depending […]

The Logic of Biological Relativity [draft]

How can we represent biological relativity in logical notation? Organism a is adapting relative to organism b Aab Organism b is adapting relative to a Aba Organisms a and b are adapting relative to each other Aab & Aba This schema is unsatisfactory because it describes the situation from an indeterminate outside perspective: a and b are said to be adapting relative to each other without regard to the observer describing the situation. Relativity applies […]

Floss and Toothpaste

If and when I am in a position to do so, I will provide free floss and toothpaste at work.  If possible, a mini locker for people to store their own toothbrushes in (with big locks- I shudder to think of the office pranks possible with public access to toothbrushes). Businesses already subsidize all sorts of preventative health benefits such as gym memberships.  Floss and toothpaste are cheap and probably would save lots of money […]

Relativity in Biology notes from 2005

It’s always interesting to see the start of ideas. Although I don’t have anything from the Spring of ’04 when I recall realizing biorelativity for the first time, I have found a file with a ‘last modified’ date of June12, ’05, the contents of which are below: Quantum Biology biology: the study of the physical attributes of life. the rate of mutation is constant, much as the speed of light organisms mutate. light shines. hence […]

I love my dentist.

I love my dentist.  He is consistently awesome.  Whenever I go he ends up saying something like, “Well, you have some problems, but we’ll get them fixed later.” It’s been over 10 years.  Apparently he’s found a way to make my problems painless and ignorable. Saturday I chipped a tooth on falafel (really).  And currently: no dental insurance.  So I was heading over to the office with some trepidation.  He said, “I’ll patch it and […]