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the internet in a destroyed economy

Animal of the Month: Fire Ant! [2:53]
A flood hits a fire ant colony in the Amazon jungle. An amazing chance to see footage on how the species has adapted to water to protect their queen.
Hints of Comeback for Nation’s First Superhighway –
After decades of decline, commercial shipping has returned to the Erie Canal as high fuel prices have made barges an attractive alternative to trucks.
PingMag MAKE – Learning From a Young Master: Ceramic Artist : Ryota Aoki

Then, one of my teachers told me, “Make a suicide pact with ceramics.” So I took that advice to heart and made a “suicide pact with ceramics.”

That’s hardcore.

Election maps
Really cool visualization break down of the elections.
swissmiss: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
One of my favorite books from childhood.
Toyota IQ x SOMARTA II on Vimeo

Amazing geared paper heart kinetic sculpture – Core77
Cool video [1:35]
whatever martha – Google Search
I saw watching a TV show called “Whatever, Martha!”  Old ‘Martha Stewart Living’ shows are watched and commented upon Mystery Science Theater 3000 style by Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis and her friend Jennifer.  It is freaking hilarious.
PingMag – Advanced Beauty: Processed Volatile Moments
Advanced Beauty is a wondrous new DVD compilation comprised of 18 visuals by 20 artists, or rather sound sculptures, as curator Matt Pyke of UK-based Universal Everything would say. These transient pieces made by processing are for us to see how far you can really push the aesthetics of software generated visualisations and play around […]
BibliOdyssey: Original Winnie The Pooh Drawings
Damn Straight.

….damn straight………………………….

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hyperlinks are stupid

Animal of the Month: Fighting Bugs!

(3:12) [via digg]

Runner-Up: Pseudo-animals – The Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill
See videos of not-quite animals!


(2:55) via cursivebuildings MUST WATCH
The National Anthem, 1983. Unbelievably good rendition.
YouTube – The Manchurian Candidate (1:26)
Modern presidential politics.
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Candidate Comedy
“For those who haven’t seen the footage, McCain and Obama  appeared last night at a charity dinner in New York to roast themselves and each other. Some of it was very, very funny. McCain was really, really funny….  (candidates’ speeches, McCain, Obama – 14:53, 13:39 respectively)

Art and Logic (somehow)

Awesome vision of Alice in Wonderland (written by a logician, for those who did not know what Lewis Carrol’s day job was.)  [scroll down a little to see the Alice pictures.  And I would be forever in someone’s debt if they bought me a print.]
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes — FIRST PICTURES
Please let this movie not suck (take 2).
PingMag – Levi Van Veluw: What’s That Tree In Your Hair?
“Either you’ll be intrigued by the fascinating way Dutchman Levi van Veluw applies materials on his face, neck and head — or you’ll be kind of appalled by this weird appearance.[…]”

— All I want to know what this man does for Halloween.


Video review for real Duff Beer from The Simpsons | (1:55)
This is well worth your 2 minutes.
MxMo XXXII Guilty Pleasures – Kalimotxo
I have yet to try this, but judging by the review and the accompanying video (21s), it looks near perfect.

Interactive Fun

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Rachael Ray Corn Porn (1:39)
“Okay, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. It’s that evil little succubus Rachael Ray getting all naughty with an ear of corn – and being far more excited about it than any human being should be….
RRRR : Don’t Shoot the Puppy (game)
I haven’t gotten past level 12…
The Associated Press: Video games feature ads for Obama’s campaign
swissmiss: The Unfinished Swan (1:55)
The Unfinished Swan – Really cool video of the tech demo.  This looks like serious fun!

i’m dead

Paid Notice: Deaths GREENSTEIN, NOAH – New York Times
not really me, but it is an odd site to see your name in the obits.
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Help GroundReport!

Online advertising budgets have been slashed due to the economic meltdown.  Although this doesn’t affect loonies like myself, there are others who actually make websites for the common good.  One of these sites was started by someone I went to highschool with, Rachel Sterne, and her site, GroundReport, is dedicated to democritizing news by splitting the ad revenue with the individuals who post to the website (and anyone can post- this means you!).

I can personally vouch that the site pays.  I’ve made a few bucks, and if you consider that a few dollars US is still a month’s (or year’s) paycheck to many across the world, you can appreciate all the good that the site has done.

This is the message that was appended to my last payment:

Dear GroundReporters,

Thank you for your hard work over the past month– we’ve gained brilliant new contributors, broken stories on bombings in India, and launched a video project with YouTube.

This email contains instructions for claiming your earnings from GroundReport.  Unfortunately, like just about everyone, GroundReport has been hit hard by the financial crisis, and we need your support and understanding to keep going.

After you read this, please tell 10 friends about, and urge them to join our community.  Together we can grow, thrive and democratize the media.

Rachel Sterne

If you want to help, all you need to do is go to GroundReport and check out some stories.  There is reporting from all over the globe, maybe even your hometown.  Write something and you’ll be contributing to those for whom a few Washingtons go a long way.

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Blog Action Day 08: Poverty

Poverty anywhere is a threat to life everywhere.

This is a contribution to Blog Action Day 2008:

When someone is living in poverty he or she is struggling to sustain the basic requirements for life.  This means that this person has no opportunity to change his or her life because all of his or her effort is dedicated to satisfying those basic needs.

Hence a person living in poverty is cornered; death is the only retreat.  This at once makes a person in poverty dangerous because a person in poverty has nothing to lose.

Having nothing to lose but your life changes a person in ways hard to imagine.  Stories of people stranded come to mind.  Take a look at the product description for the book Alive:

On October 12, 1972, a plane carrying a team of young rugby players crashed into the remote, snow-peaked Andes. Out of the forty-five original passengers and crew, only sixteen made it off the mountain alive. For ten excruciating weeks they suffered deprivations beyond imagining, confronting nature head-on at its most furious and inhospitable. And to survive, they were forced to do what would have once been unthinkable …

This is their story — one of the most astonishing true adventures of the twentieth century.

Yes, the people had to eat each other.  My morbid sense of humor made me smirk that this is described as an adventure. Having nothing to eat in harsh weather conditions might seem like adventure while sitting in a comfortable chair, but when it is daily reality, it is just ordinary poverty.

Like adventure poverty is dangerous.  Unlike an adventure, poverty can be just as dangerous to those who are not the ones in direct danger of losing their lives.  When Cortez landed in Mexico he burned his ships so that his soldiers would know that there was no retreat – they were in essence shipwrecked – and hence would fight their hardest.  Not only was he trying to encourage his men to fight, he was trying to scare the Aztecs, who, he knew, would see the burning ships and know that they would be fighting people with nothing to lose.  The Aztecs retreated.

When there is nothing to lose desperation sets in, and there is no reasoning with the desperate.  What is there to say to someone whose child is starving to death?  So given the opportunity to escape such a situation, a person is willing to do and support things that the rest of us find unimaginable.


  1. Physical poverty of some implies a poverty of imagination of the rest.
  2. Poverty anywhere is a threat to life everywhere, always.

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stupid month of september

animal of the month: Ninja Kitteh! [1:13]

This seriously reduced me to giggles for a full minute or two… though the elephant made a strong bid again this month.

art & design

Vincent van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles” Real Life and Digital Recreations
Staring Cats Light Sculpture is Fixating
1 Hour Design Challenge: Sick-Ass Car Rendering Winners!
Videos of the coolest cars designers could draw in an hour. Unbelievable skills and cars. (I think this would be a good idea for philosophy: 1 hour philosophy challenge.  You would have to write something on a philosophical topic in no more than 1 hour of actual write time.  Expect to see this in the future some time and contact me if you want to help setting one up.)
PingMag – Aya Kato: Mystic Realms

Tilt Shift + Stop motion VIDEO – Fubiz™
Paranoia mix [2:14] (MUST WATCH):


Demetri Martin funny chart presentation [8:57] – information aesthetics
A Softer World’s take on the financial problems
If you are in the mood for something different and hilarious, read Joey’s book, now free!
Salon Newsreal | A joke too bad to print?
How Sen. John McCain’s tasteless two-liner about Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno was censored out of the nation’s leading newspapers

…. J. McCain: Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
……………………..Because her father is Janet Reno.

The Steakhouse Incident
Perhaps the first ‘essay’ that had me laughing since this Walt Whitman paper.


Large Hadron Rap [4:49]
If you are a physics or philosophy of science person, this is a must watch.
The Truth About the Spinning Dancer – NYTimes
An illusion I meant to post long ago in a different link roundup, but misfiled.
Ovablastic: Sound Waves [2:10]
In the spirit of ooblek dancing on a subwoofer, check out this video of salt acting strangely near a massive high quality speaker.

how to

Leadership/Not Leadership
StatCounter Blog »  SEO: Content 1
Another useful place to look for SEO information.
The Gentleman Grafter [4:14] [via]
Video of this man selling vegetable peelers: “By night, Joe Ades dines with his fourth wife at exclusive restaurants, sips Veuve Clicquot at the Pierre, and goes home to a three-bedroom Park Avenue apartment. By day, he is something else altogether. At 72, the “peeler guy” in the Turnbull & Asser shirts is a New York legend.” —– I can personally vouch for the impressiveness of his presentation.  If I wasn’t broke at the time, I would have bought a peeler.


Blog Action Day 08
For all my fellow bloggers, check this out.  Let’s do our part to make poverty extinct.

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links again and again and again…

science/ world



random stuff I think is of interest

  • New York
    • How Polite Are We?
    • A survey where NYC comes out as the MOST POLITE city. I am actually unsurprised because it takes more time to argue than to be polite.
    • City Fits, Eventually, for New Arrivals –
    • “Sometime over the course of new arrivals’ first year in the city, they find themselves becoming New Yorkers.” Also confirms above survey with anecdotal evidence.
  • writing_philosophy.pdf
    Two and a half pages on how to write better, not just for philosophy.  I like, “You should assume that the first draft of each sentence will have to be fixed up.” (my emphasis)
  • Shareholder Letters
    Warren Buffet’s letters to his shareholders. Makes for surprisingly good reading… I just wish I had his sort of bad news, like, there’s no way you can expect us to keep doing this well. – I’m sorry that our predictions from last year were off. Of course, we did much better this year…
  • I recently had a discussion with Mr. R. Brown about eating meat. He tried to maintain that vegetarians have the moral high ground. Even though I successfully defended my omnivorous position (even against his cannibalism tack), I’m thinking Zizek’s ad hominem is now the way to go (26s) [via]:
  • Last but not least: Fox Developing Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Feature Film
    Please let this not suck.



… you don’t want to know how long it takes to put these link pages together.

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links, cause even though

i’m at the end of the internet, you may not be.

Animal of the Month: NYC Pimp

“What sort of person subjects children as young as 12 to beatings and a life of prostitution? An evidence list submitted in the case of Corey Davis, a Queens man who billed himself as “Magnificent,” might provide some insight. Mr. Davis, 36, is facing a minimum of 23 years in prison after pleading guilty in March to a federal charge of sex trafficking involving a 12-year-old runaway.


“… But then things went dark, weird, and creepy: one girl laughed, but then so did another, and then another, and then another, and then another.

After exposure, the incubation period from nothing to hysteria was short, from a few hours to a couple of days. There was no fever, no physical symptoms, just laughter and occasional crying between short moments of exhausted recuperation. When victims were restrained they sometimes became violent…”


“This map was constructed by sorting roughly 800,000 published papers into 776 different scientific paradigms based on how often the papers were cited together by authors of other papers.”

(they’re all out of free posters now, but the file is available so you can print one for yourself)

  • Dancing Non-Newtonian liquid (also via core77) [1:32]
  • InvenSense: Gyroscopes and Accelerometers Compared
  • Check out this video describing the technology that is going to be used in the new Nintendo Wii Motion Plus. General relativity needs to be accounted for to accurately measure motion in 3D space (true 6 degrees of freedom) by using both accelerometers and gyroscopes. But perhaps the most interesting part of the site is the disclaimer at the bottom (my emphasis):

    InvenSense sensors should not be used or sold in the development, storing, production and utilization of any conventional or mass-destructive weapons or any other weapons or life-threatening applications as well as in any other life-critical applications including but not limited to medical equipment, transportation, aerospace and nuclear instruments, undersea equipment, power plant equipment, disaster prevention and crime prevention equipment.”


  • Nadia Comaneci, Montreal 1976 TEN!!! [1:06] (via plump plum)
  • Michael Bluejay | Crazy World of Michael Bluejay
  • Last but not least this is what I consider to be a throwback to vintage internet. We are talking a space background repeating image here people; I don’t think I’ve seen that since ’97. Plus something for nearly everyone: lots of links, e.g. useful information like an up to date guide to SEO, and Women Chess Grandmasters.

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Links, lanks, lunks

Interaction Design, Etc.

Science, Etc.

Aesthetics, Etc.

I’ll be gone for a week visiting my bro in the Southwest… at least y’all will have something to do in my absence.

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linkeridoodah, linkeriday

I found my animal of the month, so it’s time to post some links!

Animal of the Month: Tamandua (30s)

The Killing Machine:

  • Partly inspired by Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ and partly by the American system of capital punishment as well as the current political situation, the piece is an ironic approach to killing and torture machines. A moving megaphone speaker encircles an electric dental chair. The chair is covered in pink fun fur…” [via]

Kaibo Zonshinzu anatomy scrolls (1819):

  • I once worked for a pathology department, and my job required that I go to the morgue on a regular basis (multiple times a day). The human body is completely awesome. These pics are a little gruesome, but then again, so are we.

Speaking of being completely awesome:

  • Five-year-old inventor comes up with a better broom. (At 5 I invented the bag-o-bags: a bag that contained other bags, so that you would have lots of bags. It was a homework assignment in kindergarten. I recall being pissed because I didn’t think it was fair that at 5 we should be asked to know enough to solve anything. My parents still tease me about it till this day.)
  • Discovery Channel’s new ad: I Love the World (1:01) [via]

Some fun from CScout Japan:

[as an aside, see this, which came out of building this post.]

Last but not least:

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Dependence Logic vs. Independence Friendly Logic

I picked up Dependence Logic: A New Approach to Independence Friendly Logic by Jouko Väänänen. I figure I’ll write up a review when I am finished with the book, but there is one chief difference between Dependence Logic and Independence Friendly Logic that needs to be mentioned.

On pages 44-47 when describing the difference between Dependence Logic and Independence Friendly Logic Väänänen says,

The backslashed quantifier,


introduced in ref. [20], with the intuitive meaning:

“there exists xn, depending only on xi0,…,xim-1, such that φ,”

The slashed quantifier,


used in ref. [21] has the following intuitive meaning:

“there exists xn, independently of xi0,…,xim-1, such that φ,”

which we take to mean

“there exists xn, depending only on variables other than xi0,…,xim-1, such that φ,”

The backslashed quantifier notation is part of what Väänänen calls ‘Dependence Friendly Logic’, and is equivalent to the ‘Dependence Logic’ that the rest of the book expounds. This backslash notation makes the difference between Dependence (Friendly) Logic and Independence Friendly Logic clear by showing that the former logic takes the notion of dependence to be fundamental whereas the latter takes independence to be fundamental. Väänänen takes this to be an advantage because he says that Dependence Logic avoids making

one ha[ve] to decide whether “other variable” refers to other variables actually appearing in a formula ?, or to other variables in the domain…

However, this treatment misses an important philosophical difference between Independence Friendly Logic and Dependence Logic. Dependence Logic is fundamentally based upon Wilfrid Hodges work, ‘Compositional Semantics for a language of imperfect information’ in Logic Journal of the IGPL (5:4 1997) 539-563, in which Hodges lays out a compositional semantics for languages such as Independence Friendly Logic using sets of assignments instead of individual assignments to determine satisfaction (T or F). Väänänen infers that Independence Friendly logic is just a bit unruly when it comes to specifying variables because he is working within a system that assumes sets of assignments are a useful and unproblematic way to determine satisfaction.

However the unseen problem of using sets of assignments is that something is added by assuming the domain is a set. For example, let’s take try to define a location and take the set of all the points in the universe. However, we immediately run into relativity: All locations are defined relative to each other and the people trying to figure out where things are, i.e. There is no predetermined set of all the points in the universe. The issue is that the domain of potential assignments, the objects in the universe, may be dependent upon the person or people using them (the players of the semantic game in this case). If the domain is dependent upon the players, the set cannot be constructed until after the players have begun the game. Therefore, if we postulate that the domain is a set at the outset then the players know something about the game that they are playing, namely that it does not depend upon them because it was predetermined.

Following this line of thought it seems possible to constructed a game in which the domain {Abelard, Eloise} is such that Abelard and Eloise are the actual people playing the game and the formula is ‘Someone x lost the game by instantiating this formula’ such that whoever instantiated that formula would win the game according to the rules. But then the formula would not be satisfied, so that player would have lost, but then it would be satisfied, a paradox. It is easy enough to declare that the domain must be independent of the players, but again this signals something about the game being played to the players before the formula to be is revealed.

Lastly there is something to be said about using logic to represent natural language here too: if you consider the set of all possible responses to some question, you are not ever considering all possible responses, but all the possible responses you can think of at that time. Therefore if we are using game semantics and imperfect information to represent natural language, then it is a mistake to predetermine the domain of all possible responses separate from the people involved. Again, the domain being linked to the people involved is at odds with the domain being a predetermined set.

Long story short, there is a very good reason for not always using sets of assignments to determine satisfaction. Depending on the situation, a set may offer non-trivial information about a game or misconstrue the game being played. Independence Friendly logic makes no assumptions about the type of game being played and is therefore of greater scope than logics that are based upon Hodges work. Of course one is free to use sets of assignments to determine satisfaction and derive set-theoretic results, but the compositionality gained comes at the price of limiting the types of games that can be played.

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