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Blogged by The Philosophers’ Carnival #55, Sweet!

The Philosopher’s Carnival picked up my Relativity in Evolutionary Biology! Completely cool. And I won the shortest description contest- take that all you people who write things that can be summarized. And hyphenation to boot. Props to the editor who used an archaic device to help me out in lieu of delving into unruly philosophy of science sure to scare people.

It’s all relative
Noah Greenstein has written a well-worth-a-peek post on ‘Relativity in Evolutionary Biology’ here.

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Winning the Search Engine Wars

I am now #1 and #2 in Yahoo! Searches for ‘relativity biology’ and ‘biology relativity’ and #1 for both strings in a Microsoft Live Search. The search engine bots have been giving me some love though I am still waiting on Now to convince people to actually search for such strings……………

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Consequences of Relativity in Evolutionary Biology posted

My article “Consequences of Relativity in Evolutionary Biology” has been posted to GroundReport.  I’m pleased with myself because I believe that I have actually been somewhat comprehensible and written something worthwhile.  It’s also a little sad- I’ve said what I wanted to and I’ll need to start something new.  One of these days I’ll write something longer than a page and a half.

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#1 in Google Search for “Relativity Biology”

Holy Frijoles! It’s only been a week or two and I am number 1 in a Google search for ‘relativity biology’. I didn’t think that there wasn’t much written about relativity in biology, but being #1 in Google without searching for my own name is uplifting. I am also #5 for searches of ‘biology relativity’ but the previous 4 are all link pages to the exact same article (I must admit it does look interesting, but you have to pay Nature read it), so I feel like I am really #2.

Read the ‘Relativity in Biology’ series by clicking on them under ‘Articles’ at right.

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