Creativity is giving away a db clay wallet for the best tip on how to be or stay creative. Here’s what I said: Creativity comes from ruthlessness. Being thoroughly ruthless with what you have and what has been done will allow you to create something new. If there is something that is equal to your abilities, i.e. you do not have command of it, then that thing is something new, at least for you. If […]

Patriots trade Moss to Raiders for 4th-round pick

The deal, which sent the Patriots the 110th selection overall in the weekend draft, was completed when Moss passed the Raiders-administered physical examination after arriving in the Oakland area on Sunday morning. With the draft choice acquired in the deal, New England chose University of Cincinnati cornerback John Bowie. [link: ESPN] Oh, wait, no, that’s the other way around.  Just in case anyone needed reminding of ridiculous things.

Design junkie

Perhaps two people know this about me but I am a design junkie. is my favorite blog of all time. Recently I’ve even contributed a few posts (#7106, #6974). I’m not sure what it is about design that I like so much. There is always that form/function distinction but I don’t think that is exactly what attracts me. It is more along the lines of personal engineering: with the right stuff you can do […]

Check out Spoonbuzz

Y’all should check out Spoonbuzz. It’s a blog dedicated to marketing in the best possible way: making your vision of yourself and your world a reality. I guess the way I think of it is a cross between motivational speaking and down and dirty marketing advice from a ‘I want to be in marketing for the next 40 years’ guy. And that is a direct quote because Josh is a buddy of mine. So go […]