Oot and Aboot

For the last few days or so I was in Amsterdam (briefly), Israel and Istanbul.  I had some thoughts along the way and I hope you’ll find them interesting. Amsterdam: Heineken tastes MUCH better in Amsterdam.  Now I won’t be able to drink it States-side, which kind of sucks. Hopefully the memory will fade soon and I will be able to go back to my ignorant bliss. [On the flip side I had some Sam […]

Evolution and Political Theory

Today my dad showed me a review of a book in the New York Times. The book is something about natural selection and how it supports/underpins capitalism and those who were capitalist first. This reminded me about an old objection to evolution: at the time Darwin wrote the “On the Origin of Species” the idea of capitalism was en vogue and therefore ‘struggle for survival’ was taken to be just a metaphor for capitalist society. […]

Thanksgiving post

I am blatantly stealing a post from Fark Yaralar? because it is just too cool to pass up. Go To Fark’s site and support this awesomeness. And happy Thanksgiving! ————————————– Monday, November 19, 2007 ‘das kapital’ song by Lyapis Trubetskoy Here is a song about capital & Marx by Lyapis Trubetskoy (????? ?????????) [from Belarus] translation of lyrics: For dinner I devour gold bars Diamond desert, oil cream My name is Baalzebul Owner of the […]