Floss and Toothpaste

If and when I am in a position to do so, I will provide free floss and toothpaste at work.  If possible, a mini locker for people to store their own toothbrushes in (with big locks- I shudder to think of the office pranks possible with public access to toothbrushes). Businesses already subsidize all sorts of preventative health benefits such as gym memberships.  Floss and toothpaste are cheap and probably would save lots of money […]

I love my dentist.

I love my dentist.  He is consistently awesome.  Whenever I go he ends up saying something like, “Well, you have some problems, but we’ll get them fixed later.” It’s been over 10 years.  Apparently he’s found a way to make my problems painless and ignorable. Saturday I chipped a tooth on falafel (really).  And currently: no dental insurance.  So I was heading over to the office with some trepidation.  He said, “I’ll patch it and […]