A listing of the (usually) free philosophy events, lectures and conferences in the New York City area. [Since 2007!]

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There are more talks, especially on specific topics, some of which I choose not to add and others that I’ve just missed.  See the links to philosophy groups and departments below.

N.B. Most information has been taken from webpages and is provided as is, with no guarantees as to its accuracy or the quality of the philosophy.

I take no credit for this great idea. See the Boston Area Philosophy Calendar and mailing list. If you have a correction, addition or question, or want to buy me beer, please send me an email at noah /at/ noahgreenstein \dot\ com. Tweet at the calendar @nycaphical.

Specific Philosophy related Groups [department links below]

New York Logic [old page] – provides a calendar of logic, mathematical logic and related talks and events.

Epistemology and Ethics Workshops at Fordham

The New York Philosophy of Language Workshop at NYU 

Metro Area Philosophy of Science (MAPS) [formerly: NY/NJ Philosophy of Science Group] https://www.facebook.com/groups/metroareaphilscience/

Formal Philosophy/ Logic Group @ Columbia

Cognitive Science Symposium @CUNY

Linguistics Colloquium @ CUNY

The Foucault Society

New York Society for Ethical Culture

Society for Women in Philosophy – New York City new home of Society for Women in Philosophy – Analytic Workshop Series and SWIPshop workshop for philosophy of gender, sex, and sexuality, feminist philosophy, feminist theory, feminism, and related topics .

Maison Française: Columbia, NYU

Deutsches Haus, NYU

Nietzsche Circle

The Social & Political Philosophy Working Group

Lacan Dot Com

New York German Idealism Workshop [facebook page]

Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy [seminar page]

Society for the Metaphysics of Science

Gotham Philosophical Society

Union Theological Seminary

NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness

NYU Center for Bioethics

Kripke Center at CUNY

NYU New York Institute of Philosophy

Fordham Workshop in Social and Political Philosophy

Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought [Heyman Center]

The Center for Science & Society, Columbia U

New York Circle

Brooklyn Public Philosophers (fb)

Mind and Language Seminar @ NYU

Logic and Metaphysics Workshop @ CUNY

Philosophical Linguistics and Linguistical Philosophy conference

PoPRocks Philosophy of Psychology Workshop

Radical Democracy Conference

Colloquium in Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy @ NYU

Platypus New York (Marxist philosophy)

Center for Critical Thought / Institute for the Radical Imagination

Philosophy Meetups


I have never attended a meetup, but it looks like a good time.

Philosophy Department Sites

http://as.nyu.edu/philosophy/events.html NYU events

http://www.gc.cuny.edu/Page-Elements/Academics-Research-Centers-Initiatives/Doctoral-Programs/Philosophy/Program-Events/Colloquium/ CUNY Events

http://philosophy.columbia.edu/events/colloquium-series Columbia Events

http://www.fordham.edu/info/20946/department_life Fordham Events (http://www.fordhamphilosophy.org/events/)

http://www.newschool.edu/nssr/philosophy/ New School for Social Research Events [events calendar]

Rutgers Philosophy Dept. Colloquia page [events calendar]

http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/philosophy/events.html, http://www.stonybrook.edu/sb/nyc/ (Stony Brook Manhattan)

http://www.slc.edu/news-events/events/index.html Sarah Lawrence College Events

If all else fails, try The Practical Ontologist, Thought Gallery or go to the beach.