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Spell Sorites. No really.

Since none of the other philosophy blogs I follow have mentioned it, one of the final round contestants of the National Spelling Bee was eliminated last night by misspelling “sorites.”   I believe the contestant put a ‘p’ in front of the word.  It makes me wonder if these kids know how to do anything other than spell words.

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What is the Single Worst Understood Philosophical Concept?

I’d like to get anyone’s opinion about what he or she believes to be the single worst understood philosophical concept.    Feel free to mention why you think so if you want.  Also feel free to interpret the meaning of ‘worst’: across the general public, academia, grad students, old codgers, whatever (but do identify your target, please).

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technical difficulties with contact

If anyone has used my contact form or sent me an email at noahgreenstein.com in the last few months, I am sorry to say that I may not have received it. I just tested it and the thing didn’t work- I contacted my hosting service and it was fixed, but since I primarily use Gmail and the emails get forwarded along I didn’t notice.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Game Over

Yesterday was very strange.

Last Friday I finished up my metaphysics and promptly went on a short vacation to see some friends. I got home Tuesday night.

Then came yesterday. It was the first whole day in which I had to really spend time worrying about what to do now that I have written everything I ever wanted to.

The proper term for what happened was I flipped out.

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K*nt F*cker

I was at a bar on Friday.  One of my friends says, “Hey Noah, there’s another philosopher here, come talk.”  So I go and chat.

She wrote a MA thesis on Levinas.  But somehow we got to ethics.  I started making fun of virtue ethics, which she believed in.  Something about me saying she had tomatoes being cultivated in her head got her riled up.  Since I had said I was unimpressed with Singer earlier, she figured me for a deontologist.

“You love rules.  You love following rules.. You looove Kant.  You want to fuck Kant.  You want to fuck Kant!”

This was said in a progressively louder voice, with the last sentence being heard by everyone.  For some reason it turned heads and made her friend think it was time to leave.

But not before I got her number.

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100 pounds of food donated to the hungry for every comment left


Much thanks and goodwill towards Tyson foods.  Via Cooking With Amy

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