Video Game Design 4: Matrix Bullet-time

Johnny Chung Lee pretty much shocked the entire video game world (and lots of others) with this video (5.8 million views, 5/5 star rating with 21,000 votes):

This is a pretty nifty bit of engineering, using the off the shelf Wii Remote and a relatively cheap extra (safety glasses with IR leds <15$) to provide a very high level virtual reality setup.

Secondly Nintendo has recently come out with the Wii Balance Board. This peripheral can accurately measure your weight distribution.

If we combine the potential of head tracking with weight distribution it would be possible to create a very accurate Matrix-style dodging bullets experience, simulating what is seen in this clip:

This would be a damn sweet feature if integrated into a full action game. It could likely be accomplished with head-tracking alone, but the combination of board, head-tracking, and Wii Motion Plus makes for near full body integration. The Matrix franchise is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the technology, seeing as everyone wears sunglasses in the movie anyway.

2 thoughts on “Video Game Design 4: Matrix Bullet-time

  1. I was searching the net to see if anyone had actually built this yet as it could be a fairly simple demo and found your post. Using the source code that is already freely available I was going to attempt building something like this, I am already setting up Johnny Lee’s demo with my own wii remote and by using the technology and mechanics he has created I am attempting to build this exact same idea you have also come up with just for my own personal pleasure. I am fairly skilled programmer with good knowledge of the DirectX SDK and C#.
    Just thought I’d let you know

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