Video Game Design #5: Modern Art

Most of the time video game designers are trying to make 3 dimensional virtual worlds that are as realistic as possible, or focus upon a particular art style, and tell a story within that world. What I would like to see is a lifelike 3-D world that has a main character that has special abilities, or levels, taken from modern art.  This means, for example, that a character with Cubist special abilities (or in the […]

Fedor Emelianenko is the Man

For all of you out there who, if you aren’t beating someone up with your oversized brains and education, appreciate a good physical put down too, there really isn’t a better fighter in the world then Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor fights MMA, for those of you who don’t know, stands for Mixed Martial Arts.  MMA is well named: the fighting ranges from boxing to grappling, and just about everything in between.  This means that not only […]

i’m wearing a hat

Animal of the Month: The French (no insult intended). Anyone who would even consider having this as their national tourism logo is deserving of praise: I don’t normally post anything that I’ve seen on Digg or Reddit, but this turns jaw dropping at around 1:28  [3:45]: moogaloop.swf Industrial design: Orbita Mouse Is One Big Scroll Wheel | Technomix | Fast Company “Over its forty year life the mouse has seen some interesting re-inventions, and the […]

the internet in a destroyed economy

Animal of the Month: Fire Ant! [2:53] A flood hits a fire ant colony in the Amazon jungle. An amazing chance to see footage on how the species has adapted to water to protect their queen. Hints of Comeback for Nation’s First Superhighway – After decades of decline, commercial shipping has returned to the Erie Canal as high fuel prices have made barges an attractive alternative to trucks. PingMag MAKE – Learning From a […]

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Animal of the Month: Fighting Bugs! (3:12) [via digg] . Runner-Up: Pseudo-animals – The Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill See videos of not-quite animals! USA (2:55) via cursivebuildings MUST WATCH The National Anthem, 1983. Unbelievably good rendition. YouTube – The Manchurian Candidate (1:26) Modern presidential politics. Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Candidate Comedy “For those who haven’t seen the footage, McCain and Obama  appeared last night at a charity dinner in New York to roast […]

stupid month of september

animal of the month: Ninja Kitteh! [1:13] This seriously reduced me to giggles for a full minute or two… though the elephant made a strong bid again this month. art & design Vincent van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles” Real Life and Digital Recreations Staring Cats Light Sculpture is Fixating 1 Hour Design Challenge: Sick-Ass Car Rendering Winners! Videos of the coolest cars designers could draw in an hour. Unbelievable skills and cars. (I think this […]

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science/ world Animal of the Month: Drunk Animals in Africa [3:54] (via: DRB) mushrooms! YouTube Search: time lapse mushroom YouTube – ??? ?????? ????? [2:11] YouTube – Psilocybe cubensis “Puerto Rico” time lapse [1:10] Metacafe – Mushroom time lapse Amanita Muscaria [1] YouTube – Blue Oyster Mushroom Time Lapse Video [1:03] Cool Tools – Mycelium Running “Mushrooms as solution. Fungi as ninja warriors.” Rapid Evolution Gives Sperm the Advantage | LiveScience Competition between male fruit […]

Video Game Design 4: Matrix Bullet-time

Johnny Chung Lee pretty much shocked the entire video game world (and lots of others) with this video (5.8 million views, 5/5 star rating with 21,000 votes): This is a pretty nifty bit of engineering, using the off the shelf Wii Remote and a relatively cheap extra (safety glasses with IR leds <15$) to provide a very high level virtual reality setup. Secondly Nintendo has recently come out with the Wii Balance Board. This peripheral […]

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i’m at the end of the internet, you may not be. Animal of the Month: NYC Pimp What a Pimp Reads – New York Times Blog “What sort of person subjects children as young as 12 to beatings and a life of prostitution? An evidence list submitted in the case of Corey Davis, a Queens man who billed himself as “Magnificent,” might provide some insight. Mr. Davis, 36, is facing a minimum of 23 years […]

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Animal of the Month: Black Grouse Get the Flash Player to see this player. Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson chooses his top 10 bird songs via plump plum – some other of plump’s goodness: Nabokov on Lolita (part 2) [6m], Frank Zappa on Crossfire [21m] Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin to Fuck With[3m]… at Chess [4m]: Apparently RZA is also a chess champion besides being one of the best rappers. Google News: ahh if only […]