Philosophy Carnival #141

Welcome to the one hundred forty first philosophy carnival. In my internet travels I found some really cool philosophy inspired posters by Genis Carreras, which I have paired with the links to pretty up the carnival. Zombies, because philosophers like zombies. An introduction to the philosophical discussion of zombies and dualism by Tom B. over at Philosophy of… which looks like a promising new blog contributing “in some humble way to this movement of the […]

Philosophy Carnival #2

Well, it’s the second philosophy carnival I’ve hosted.  So let’s get started. Counterfactuals and time traveling cold-blooded murderers!  Why is it we always want to see what happens when we kill ourselves (or others) when time traveling?  Does time travel make one murderous?  Anyway, besides  the weird questions that occur to me, the discussion over at Kadri Vihvelin’s philosophy blog does try to tackle Counterfactuals, Indicatives and What Time Travelers Can’t Do. If that isn’t your […]

bah humbug

I haven’t done a link roundup in a while, so be assured that all these links are awesome. [via information aesthetics] . Animal of the Month: Immortal Jellyfish ‘Immortal’ jellyfish swarming across the world – Telegraph . In second place is: Giant meat-eating plants prefer to eat tree shrew poo – BBC – Earth News . A Softer World: 395 . [via Don’t Panic > Magazine > Desire > THE BLACK HEART GANG] . Beautiful […]

Aether Propeller?

I was trying to figure out how planes stay in the sky. So this is what I came up with. As the plane moves forward, a small vacuum is created above the wing. The vacuum is a low pressure zone which pulls the wing up and the air down to fill itself in (because Nature HATES a vacuum).  This upward pull that the low pressure zone creates we call lift. I thought, “Hooray.  This isn’t […]

Oot and Aboot

For the last few days or so I was in Amsterdam (briefly), Israel and Istanbul.  I had some thoughts along the way and I hope you’ll find them interesting. Amsterdam: Heineken tastes MUCH better in Amsterdam.  Now I won’t be able to drink it States-side, which kind of sucks. Hopefully the memory will fade soon and I will be able to go back to my ignorant bliss. [On the flip side I had some Sam […]