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linkeridoodah, linkeriday

I found my animal of the month, so it’s time to post some links!

Animal of the Month: Tamandua (30s)

The Killing Machine:

  • Partly inspired by Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ and partly by the American system of capital punishment as well as the current political situation, the piece is an ironic approach to killing and torture machines. A moving megaphone speaker encircles an electric dental chair. The chair is covered in pink fun fur…” [via]

Kaibo Zonshinzu anatomy scrolls (1819):

  • I once worked for a pathology department, and my job required that I go to the morgue on a regular basis (multiple times a day). The human body is completely awesome. These pics are a little gruesome, but then again, so are we.

Speaking of being completely awesome:

  • Five-year-old inventor comes up with a better broom. (At 5 I invented the bag-o-bags: a bag that contained other bags, so that you would have lots of bags. It was a homework assignment in kindergarten. I recall being pissed because I didn’t think it was fair that at 5 we should be asked to know enough to solve anything. My parents still tease me about it till this day.)
  • Discovery Channel’s new ad: I Love the World (1:01) [via]

Some fun from CScout Japan:

[as an aside, see this, which came out of building this post.]

Last but not least:

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Links, to appease the Gods of Blogs

I offer this links post as a sacrifice to the… oh I have no idea why I do this.

  • Animal of the Month – Elephant (8:28):
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Links, BEcause

Not that everyone hasn’t already seen everything on the ‘net.

armidillo girdled lizard
  • garfield minus garfield
    • “Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?”
  • NYTimes Video: The Edible Martini (3:45)
    • “Chef/mad scientist Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute has figured out how to vacuum infuse a martini inside a cucumber.” – I have to admit I’ve watched this video over and over and over.
    • “Sharing the artwork and creativity of kids. Please post to theblog weemade!”
  • YouTube – Furniture Porn: The Movie (1:09)
    • Chairs going at it.
  • Marc Johns Art:
Bunny with Pipe
  • YouTube – Boston Dynamics Big Dog (3:29)
    • The quote from Core77 is priceless: You have to see this video–this %#&*@ robot simply won’t go down. Watch as the guy tries to kick it over at the 00:36 mark. Watch as it goes uphill and downhill in snow, traverses slippery ice, and leaps accurately over demarcated distances. The most disturbing thing is that once it loses its balance, like at the 1:29 mark, it frantically scrabbles to regain its footing with the grotesque urgency of a locomoting cockroach. This machine looks like it will carry out its mission at any cost.
  • Ping Mag – Geospatial Technology: Mapping For Human Rights

Last, but certainly not least

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Some Links, not that you really needed more

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Design junkie

Perhaps two people know this about me but I am a design junkie. Notcot.org is my favorite blog of all time. Recently I’ve even contributed a few posts (#7106, #6974). I’m not sure what it is about design that I like so much. There is always that form/function distinction but I don’t think that is exactly what attracts me. It is more along the lines of personal engineering: with the right stuff you can do different things. You have the right tools and you can build a house (or a website); you have a spiffy outfit and you can get into an exclusive club; you have the right ideas and you can change the course of humanity.

Anyway, here’s some links (or slingks as Apartment Therapy calls them) to people with good ideas:

Check out the art galleries here in NYC with this handy printable list of the best galleries.

Running from Camera: Exactly what the title says and yet surprisingly entertaining. (via It’s Nice That)
Hi, My name is Joseph. I work in a cupcake.: Again self-explanatory. (swissmiss)

Wordcount: a visual representation of how often English words are used. ‘Pope’ is one behind ‘Logic’ and four ahead of ‘Discourse’. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. (via DamnIWishI’dThoughtofThat via Spoonbuzz) Surprisingly I found this site through my lesser infatuation with marketing (as compared to design) since it is more a work of art/design. However if you consider Search Engine Optimization choosing words lower on the list will inherently make your site more unique and hence searchable. I think I got lucky by tagging ‘relativity’ (#15559) before ‘biology’ (#6746) or ‘physics’ (#4543) and definitely before ‘philosophy’ (#2821).

Brevity is possibly wit: Overheard in NYOne Sentence

Witty and thankfully not brief comic/graphic novel (the only one I have ever liked, so this is high praise): Platinum Grit – and by the same people of wit (though not a comic): Poke the Bunny. You really should.
Who Killed Bambi? Art blog finding all those out there pushing the bounds of death and life.

Japan is good for so many things: Trends in Japan is full of products and ideas. Currently #1 on my wishlist for ridiculous things (which is my normal wishlist btw) is a Homestar Pro (no not that homestar) PERSONAL PLANETARIUM. I’m from NY. I have to drive like 4 hours to see stars otherwise.

On the topic of Japan Ping Mag is worth a look. It’s a Tokyo based design magazine.

And because you should always end with a bang, the Superest is my new favorite fun blog. It’s superhero competition with ‘The overprotective parent’ being vanquished by ‘Doug the Slacker Next Door’ who was vanquished by ‘The Charismatic Recruiter’, etc.

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GroundReport: Citizen Journalism (and some Rogue Philosophy)

GroundReport.com is a website dedicated to citizen journalism that I have co-opted. But this is not something you should hold against GroundReport. Its mission is to provide ordinary people an opportunity to report on news that the mainstream media does not pick up on. For instance you can find people reporting on the major news stories of the day, local news from just about anywhere in the world, and every so often a scoop that some ordinary chap happened to get. And they split the advertising revenue 50-50 with the reporter based on page-views. All very good bringing power to the people.

So after hearing about the site back in the days before this blog (from the founder’s proud papa: I went to high school with the founder Rachel Sterne and I ran into her father while at home) I figured it wouldn’t be too off topic of me to post some of my writing and gain some notoriety (and some cents). Long story short take a look at this:

Report Name Report Views
Consequences of Relativity in Evolutionary Biology 200
Special Relativity in Evolutionary Biology 87
Relativity in Evolutionary Biology 88
On Absolute Certainty 107
On The Scientific View of the World 104
Total: 586

These are unique page views too.

With the 200th hit to ‘Consequences’ I figured I ought to give some credit where it’s due. You can check out my ‘Reporter Page‘, but I suggest just going to the homepage and poking around. You might even get inspired to report on something. See Paul Sterne‘s “GroundReport’s Ten Commandments” for a good primer on how to get started (and forgive his GroundReport fanboy rhetoric: he’s the proud papa).

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Check out Spoonbuzz

Y’all should check out Spoonbuzz. It’s a blog dedicated to marketing in the best possible way: making your vision of yourself and your world a reality. I guess the way I think of it is a cross between motivational speaking and down and dirty marketing advice from a ‘I want to be in marketing for the next 40 years’ guy. And that is a direct quote because Josh is a buddy of mine. So go to his blog and sign up for the rss feed.

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