Links, BEcause

Not that everyone hasn’t already seen everything on the ‘net. Animal of the Month – Armadillo girdled lizard: YouTube – A History of Evil (5:40) “Animated Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day.” Nils Frederking‘s Brilliant Folding Furniture (0:52) [via]: garfield minus garfield “Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the […]

More links, again….

More ID. Industrial Design and Interaction Design, that is. Some random links. Design: A Chat with the Designer of the Google Logo | WebProNews Advice posters 2007 – a photoset on Flickr Clarence Larkin Dispensational Charts Really well made charts for explaining heaven and the like. Shaker’s sweet success – Los Angeles Times: CONSIDER this humble sugar shaker, a staple of kitchens and coffee shops across the land. About 35 million have been sold — […]

Some Links, not that you really needed more

IGN: Bob Ross Paints on Revolution That’s right. There will be a ‘Joy of Painting with Bob Ross’ video game coming out for Wii. Bold Escape Not First Try for Inmate – New York Times Guys escaped from prison Shawshank Redemption style. Draw a pig personality test YouTube – Groovy Dancing Girl Music by DAFT PUNK – “Harder Better Faster Stronger” Video Beatbox Fame Game It’s a cooking show… kinda. plump plum: Clara Bow Blood […]

Design junkie

Perhaps two people know this about me but I am a design junkie. is my favorite blog of all time. Recently I’ve even contributed a few posts (#7106, #6974). I’m not sure what it is about design that I like so much. There is always that form/function distinction but I don’t think that is exactly what attracts me. It is more along the lines of personal engineering: with the right stuff you can do […]