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More ID. Industrial Design and Interaction Design, that is. Some random links.

A Chat with the Designer of the Google Logo | WebProNews

Advice posters 2007 – a photoset on Flickr

Clarence Larkin Dispensational Charts Really well made charts for explaining heaven and the like.

Shaker’s sweet success – Los Angeles Times: CONSIDER this humble sugar shaker, a staple of kitchens and coffee shops across the land. About 35 million have been sold — maybe double that if you include all the knockoffs — and not one of them labeled a work of art.

Interaction Design:

“Guitar + Vox + OhMiBod” on NOTCOT

Clever interaction design in this DJ equipment to go

Core77 – Interaction Design and ID: You’re alreay doing it…don’t you want to knowwhat it’s all about?: Interaction Design and ID: You’re already doing it…don’t you want to know what it’s all about


Frozen Grand Central at Improv Everywhere We Cause Scenes (Improv Design?)

BBC NEWS | Education | McDonald’s ‘A-level’ is launched

“Fast-food giant McDonald’s becomes one of the first firms to offer its own nationally recognised qualifications.” Whereas Thoughts Arguments and Rants seems to think this is a bad thing, I think this is great. Besides offering lots of people opportunity to get a recognized degree, this will relieve some financial burden on the university system. And McD’s gets good press. Win-Win-Win.

The world’s rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan – Environment –

Happiness is a state of mind :A quick cartoon.

fig crumbs: One each Watch the video below after reading this (only 4 lines long) to counteract the effects.