Dia:Beacon is cool.

I went to Dia:Beacon over the weekend. Great modern art installation. First of all, enough cannot be said about the building. It is huge and lets in massive amounts of natural light, which the large sculptures really benefit from. Secondly, the sheer size of the individual installations makes for a unique experience: Chances are you might catch some representative pieces of art from a famous artist at some show, but Dia:Beacon has really gone above the usual standards and devoted multiple large rooms to single artists. I’ve seen a few R. Serra together in larger galleries, but I’ve never had 3 of his recent, massive spirals all housed in one room to run around in (and I did run around in them). Thirdly, though I found the Serra to be the most impressive, Dia: Beacon really has a fine selection of other modern artists. The huge space allows for these artists to expand some of their works such that it would be conceivable to have smaller versions but, after viewing them at this magnitude, it is obvious that something significant would be lost. very worthwhile: http://www.diabeacon.org/