RIP Satoshi Kon

NY Times Obit Last Words WTF.  satoshi kon falls to cancer.  dammit. . Go watch Paranoia Agent.  i used to have the picture of maromi as my desktop background. Watch Paranoia Agent 01 in Animation |  View More Free Videos Online at

Aesthetic Highs of Soccer

I love soccer as a sport.   I played it growing up and only quit when it started getting serious (too many elbows to the head in one game and I figured it just wasn’t what I was looking for any more – it gets nasty in the box).  So it concerns me that here in the good ol’ US of A many people do not seem to appreciate it. What I started thinking about was […]

hyperlinks are stupid

Animal of the Month: Fighting Bugs! (3:12) [via digg] . Runner-Up: Pseudo-animals – The Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill See videos of not-quite animals! USA (2:55) via cursivebuildings MUST WATCH The National Anthem, 1983. Unbelievably good rendition. YouTube – The Manchurian Candidate (1:26) Modern presidential politics. Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Candidate Comedy “For those who haven’t seen the footage, McCain and Obama  appeared last night at a charity dinner in New York to roast […]

links, cause even though

i’m at the end of the internet, you may not be. Animal of the Month: NYC Pimp What a Pimp Reads – New York Times Blog “What sort of person subjects children as young as 12 to beatings and a life of prostitution? An evidence list submitted in the case of Corey Davis, a Queens man who billed himself as “Magnificent,” might provide some insight. Mr. Davis, 36, is facing a minimum of 23 years […]

Links, lanks, lunks

Animal of the Month: Black Grouse Get the Flash Player to see this player. Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson chooses his top 10 bird songs via plump plum – some other of plump’s goodness: Nabokov on Lolita (part 2) [6m], Frank Zappa on Crossfire [21m] Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin to Fuck With[3m]… at Chess [4m]: Apparently RZA is also a chess champion besides being one of the best rappers. Google News: ahh if only […]

Creativity is giving away a db clay wallet for the best tip on how to be or stay creative. Here’s what I said: Creativity comes from ruthlessness. Being thoroughly ruthless with what you have and what has been done will allow you to create something new. If there is something that is equal to your abilities, i.e. you do not have command of it, then that thing is something new, at least for you. If […]