The Terminator Television Show

There is a television show coming out in the new year called “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. At first I was massively excited. My father said that he thought it is taking place in between the first and second movies when Sarah was learning to be a hardcore bad-ass. I thought this was a brilliant idea: someone traveling through Mexico and the U.S. with a baby engaged in what amount to ostensibly terrorist activities. All […]

Design junkie

Perhaps two people know this about me but I am a design junkie. is my favorite blog of all time. Recently I’ve even contributed a few posts (#7106, #6974). I’m not sure what it is about design that I like so much. There is always that form/function distinction but I don’t think that is exactly what attracts me. It is more along the lines of personal engineering: with the right stuff you can do […]

‘Gone Baby Gone’ is worth watching

Go see ‘Gone Baby Gone‘.  It’s got good acting, some twists and good ol’ fashion moral ambiguity.   The kind of ambiguity that was around before everything started feeling like a politically correct press release and is going to be around once again when we come to our senses.   And nothing against PR departments and carefully crafted images but I happen to like the areas in between what we we are comfortable with: when […]

The Birth of Comedy out of the Suicide of Tragedy

The Birth of Comedy out of the Suicide of Tragedy Or: Letterman and Leno Nietzsche felt that the rise of the comedic play signaled the end of the traditional Greek tragedy, and with it, great art. However, this new comedy still retained much of the old theory behind his conception of the tragedy. The two primitive artistic impulses represented by the Gods Apollo and Dionysus are still critical, but in comedy the old duality is […]

Dia:Beacon is cool.

I went to Dia:Beacon over the weekend. Great modern art installation. First of all, enough cannot be said about the building. It is huge and lets in massive amounts of natural light, which the large sculptures really benefit from. Secondly, the sheer size of the individual installations makes for a unique experience: Chances are you might catch some representative pieces of art from a famous artist at some show, but Dia:Beacon has really gone above […]