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I found my animal of the month, so it’s time to post some links!

Animal of the Month: Tamandua (30s)

The Killing Machine:

  • Partly inspired by Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ and partly by the American system of capital punishment as well as the current political situation, the piece is an ironic approach to killing and torture machines. A moving megaphone speaker encircles an electric dental chair. The chair is covered in pink fun fur…” [via]

Kaibo Zonshinzu anatomy scrolls (1819):

  • I once worked for a pathology department, and my job required that I go to the morgue on a regular basis (multiple times a day). The human body is completely awesome. These pics are a little gruesome, but then again, so are we.

Speaking of being completely awesome:

  • Five-year-old inventor comes up with a better broom. (At 5 I invented the bag-o-bags: a bag that contained other bags, so that you would have lots of bags. It was a homework assignment in kindergarten. I recall being pissed because I didn’t think it was fair that at 5 we should be asked to know enough to solve anything. My parents still tease me about it till this day.)
  • Discovery Channel’s new ad: I Love the World (1:01) [via]

Some fun from CScout Japan:

[as an aside, see this, which came out of building this post.]

Last but not least: