Colloquium in Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy

September 9, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Lester Pollock Colloquium Room, Furman Hall, 9th floo
245 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012

The Colloquium in Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy was founded by Ronald Dworkin and Thomas Nagel in 1987. It is the original model for all of NYU Law’s colloquia. The Colloquium is now convened by Liam Murphy, Samuel Scheffler, and Jeremy Waldron, two of whom will host in any given year.

Each week on Thursday a legal theorist or moral or political philosopher presents a paper to the group, which consists of students, faculty from the Law School and other departments of NYU, and faculty from other universities. The choice of subject is left to the paper’s author, within the general boundaries of the Colloquium’s subjects, and the discussions are therefore not connected by any structured theme for the term as a whole, though in past years certain central topics were canvassed in several weeks’ discussion. The Colloquium aims, not to pursue any particular subject, but to explore new work in considerable depth and so allow students to develop their own skill in theoretical analysis.

Each week’s paper is posted at least a week in advance on this page, and participants are expected to have read it.

The public sessions of the colloquium will take place on Thursdays, in Lester Pollock Colloquium Room, Furman Hall, 9th floor,  from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

Colloquium 2021

Professors Liam Murphy and Samuel Scheffler

September 2nd
Kim Ferzan, University of Pennsylvania, Law

Rethinking Credit for Time Served

September 9th
Liam Murphy, NYU

International Responsibility for Global Environment Harm: Collective and Individual

September 17th ( Friday 2.00-5.00)
Moshe Halbertal, NYU

On Being Human

September 23rd
Jeff McMahan, Oxford

September 30th
Emma Kaufman, NYU Law

October 7th
Rick Pildes, NYU Law

October 14th
Samuel Scheffler, NYU

October 21st
Steve Darwall, Yale, Philosophy

October 28th
Chris Kutz, University of California, Berkeley, Law

November 4th
Anthony Appiah, NYU

November 11th
Johann Frick, University of California, Berkeley, Philosophy

November 18th
Teresa Bejan, Oxford

December 2nd
Ruth Chang, Oxford

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