CUNY Colloquium

February 5, 2020 @ 4:15 pm
CUNY Grad Center, rm 9205/6
365 5th Ave
New York, NY 10016

February 5
Hayley Clatterbuck (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“Learning Incommensurable Concepts”

February 19
Andy Egan (Rutgers University)
“What Kind of Relativism is Right for You?”

February 26
Benjamin Vilhauer (City College, CUNY)
“Free Will and the Asymmetrical Justifiability of Holding Morally Responsible”

March 4 · Marx Wartofsky Memorial Lecture
Tommie Shelby (Harvard University)
“What’s Wrong with the Prison-Industrial Complex? Profit, Privatization, and the Circumstances of Injustice”
Note: colloquium held in Martin E. Segal Theatre, GC

March 11 · Jerrold Katz Memorial Lecture
Robert Stalnaker (MIT)
“Fragmentation and Singular Propositions”

March 18
Steve Ross (Graduate Center, Hunter College, CUNY)
“Two Conceptions of Objectivity, and How Morality is Objective When It Is”

March 25
Karen Green (University of Melbourne)
“Did Tarski Refute Frege?”

April 1
Prospective Students Day

April 22
Hagop Sarkissian (Graduate Center, Baruch College, CUNY)
“Self-Knowledge and Effective Moral Agency”

April 29
Iakovos Vasiliou (Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Eudaimonism and Moral Theory”

May 6
Serena Parekh (Northeastern University)
“Global Refugee Crisis as a Structural Injustice”

May 13
Shannon Spaulding (Oklahoma State University)
“Beliefs and Biases”

Download a PDF version of the schedule here.

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